Hi I’m Misha, a 22 year old creative person. So I see that you’ve been creeping on me. I guess I’ll tell you a little bit about myself granted that you might actually be interested in my life. Rest assured, I am the lunatic you have probably made me out to be. The short version of who I am would be someone who has the soul of a yoga instructor with the energy of a 4-year-old child.

There’s a lot I can say about myself (because I’m a bit of a yip-yapper), but most of that can be learned through my everyday writing and blog posts. I come from many small towns, aka my family moved around A LOT, so when people ask where I’m from, I’m not really sure if I should answer the town I’ve lived the longest in Ontario, or where I was born (Pakistan) or where I’m currently living (Vancouver, BC).

Unfortunately, all of the rumours you have heard about Canada are false – well, most of them at least. I wish we rode polar bears and lived in igloos. Maybe I would have more of an interesting blog if that were the case. Free health care does come in handy though, especially for a clutz like myself.

Anywho, living in a small town was just as boring as you would expect it to be, and so when I was 17 and finally got the opportunity to move away from home, live on my own and attend university, I made the most rational decision I could at the time: I chose to live in another small town.

Although it is nice to be familiar with everyone around you and get discounts on food because the manager at every restaurant knows who you are, it gets pretty difficult to hide from ex-boyfriends and weirdos.

At a young age, there was a life I had planned for myself, a life filled with financial security and a PhD program in Clinical Psychology to get me there. At this age, there is a completely different life that I am living.

Sometime in late 2015, I began living my life by following my curiosity. What has that led me to do?

  1. Change my program to 3 years and finish school in December 2016
  1. Make the big move across the country to live in Vancouver, BC on my own
  1. Finishing the first draft of a book
  2. Work on this blog
  3. Learning how to play the guitar
  4. Work a full time job to support my creativity and passions (which is my real work)
  5. Go to open mic nights and share my written work with locals
  6. Look after my health (both nutrition-wise and being kinder to myself)
  7. Be able to make firm decisions and lots of them (Former indecisive junkie here)
  8. Making friends and creating a community type feeling with other creatives
  9. Learn (and continue to learn) how to meditate – PS: Refrain yourselves from asking me for advice on this. I have the sketchiest meditation practice.
  10. Become more mindful
  11. Learn how to say no
  12. Gain more clarity on the people that I should keep in my life and those who should no longer be there
  13. Become more self-aware, more open, and more expressive (and not just on paper)
  14. Crave wisdom and find more opportunities to learn (more-so than I ever did inside of a classroom)
  15. Leave the writer identity I had for myself behind (Here is more on that!)

The list could really go on, but it all started from following my curiosity and wanting to be a better version of myself. It all started from hours of working on myself each day, meditating, asking for help and guidance, learning about the effects that the energy you walk around the world with has on both yourself and other people, and learning to change my perspective to be one that is more positive and kind.

There was a time where learning how to survive each day was a priority, and now with a full-time job, I have the privilege of not worrying about how to get groceries with only a couple of cents left in my bank account, not feeling embarrassed when I’m not able to pay rent on time, and having the ability to give priority to self-care, self-love, and curiosity. Though the decision to not pursue more school after my undergrad was one of the biggest and hardest ones I’ve ever made, it was also the best thing I did for myself. This blog is about my everyday pursuits, what these changes are doing for my own life and the various twists and turns along the way. It’s about the lessons I’m learning, the questions I have, and the scavenger hunt that is my life.cat-about-me-2-1-of-1

The direction of this blog was once an outlet I had for myself. It was when I was struggling with life’s demands and not knowing how to afford the basic necessities. It was rock bottom. The direction that this blog is heading towards is now from a place of growth, a place of continuously finding myself and showing what I learn, learning as I go. For the first time in my life, I have no set plan for my future and I have the least amount of knowledge of where I would like my life to go, and I am also the happiest and most inspired than I have ever been.

Coming from someone who has felt trapped and stuck most of my life, I now feel more free and capable than ever. If there is one thing I could pass along, it is that kindness is a great legacy to leave behind and following your curiosity is far greater than waiting for a big sign to tell you what to do next. I’ve learned and am continuing to learn that life is a giant scavenger hunt and it just so happens that I love to play games.

Also I have an obsession with my cat. That is all.

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