Don’t F With the F-Word

You must think, “this girl took one Gender Studies class and suddenly thinks she knows it all.” Actually, it was two classes, thank you very much. But the truth is, I don’t know it all. What I do know is that feminism comes with a bad name. I used to be one of the many people who believe that a feminist appears almost man-like but is rather a man-hater. She is against all the fairytales you grew up reading and she refuses to let a man open a door for her. And when he tries to pull out a chair for you to sit in, well that behavior cannot be tolerated at all!

The media misguides us to believe that feminism is a joke. They tell tales of females that are notably masculine in manner or appearance. They want us to believe that this should not be a movement. They want us to think that the problem has been resolved. They want us to hide in the nearest cupboard when the term is floating through the air. “You’re a feminist? Oh okay. I have to go…um…change my underwear. Yeah. Okay. Bye.”

I have to admit that I am not a fan of the term ‘feminism’. It tends to give the wrong impression of women trying to take over the world and ultimately defeat men. Truth: We don’t hate men and we don’t look like men. Feminism simply means equality. Seriously, that’s it. It includes both men and women who just want to be equal to one another. Do you support gender equality? Newsflash: You’re a feminist.

The problem is that with fewer and fewer individuals wanting to identify themselves as feminists because of shame, embarrassment, or lack of knowledge, most don’t even know that this problem exists. It’s true, women have come a long way from back in the old days. However, we have not made it all the way. There are still parts of the world where women are treated like property. But that’s not what I’m going to talk about. I’m going to talk about the little instances that you don’t notice or think twice about in your everyday life.

When I was in high school, I had limitations on the clothing that I could wear. Obviously I was not planning on going to school in my underwear but I could not wear clothing that revealed my shoulders and skirts and shorts had to be mid-length. Why? Because it was too distracting. Did I listen to these rules? No. Did that mean that there were many instances that I had to run the opposite direction from the terrifying woman with a walkie-talkie in her hand who was also known as my vice principal? Yes, yes it did. Here’s my view on it: I break rules only when I see no point in them being there in the first place. Why can’t I wear an off-the-shoulder top to school? My boobs are not hanging out and I am not being too revealing. Why do I have to cover myself up so that I do not distract any men? I went to a public school for God’s sake!

Why is it that girls are taught that they are always the problem? Why should we be the ones who are careful about our appearances, leaving our drinks at the table or walking alone at night? Why is it that we are made to look responsible for being harassed at a bar due to our little black dress? This is not okay and this is not something we should learn to accept because “that’s just the way things are”. I believe in the power of knowledge and the more people that know about this issue and fight for it, the bigger the shot we have for making a change.

I do believe that one voice can make a change but only if it is strong and knowledgeable enough to speak to a wide audience and make them believe that together, we can make a difference.

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Dear Future Me

In the seventh grade, my teacher had given us an assignment to write a letter to our future selves which we were to open in 2014. Seven years later and here I am searching under couches, beds and every crack in the floor to find it and I just can’t seem to. The combination of anxiousness and frustration are eating my insides out and I don’t know if or when I should give up. My solution: I decided to write a new letter to myself and post it online so that it would not get lost in the pig-style space that is otherwise known as my room.

** Note: Read August 8, 2020 **

Dear Misha,

Right now, you are sitting on the couch located in your living room sick as a dog. I never really understood that saying. Do dogs get sick often? I wouldn’t know because I’m too much of a cat person to notice. I hope that 6 years from now I won’t have as many health problems as I do now. Seriously…I can’t deal with it anymore. IT IS MADNESS. Also I hope I’m still sarcastic and over-dramatic and lie down in fetal position for reasons including: 

– Not having $7.99 in my visa to pay for my monthly Netflix addiction
– Being indecisive about what kind of food I want to eat
– My cat hissing at me 
Having to go pee with no washroom nearby
– Not having time to drink my morning coffee
– Getting my regular dose of sickness

As for boyfriend potentials, well, I have none present in my life at the moment. But here’s the secret: I’m kind of loving it. For almost my whole life, my world revolved solely around them and oh mylanta does it get super exhausting! I’ve actually been taking the past year to make more friends and learn more about myself. I enjoy spending time getting to know me and I can’t believe that I never gave myself the opportunity to do so before.

I just started focusing more on writing and this blog in general. It’s still a small crowd that comes to visit but I still love every single one of them. Who knows what amazing things will come out of this six years from now? Idk my bff Jill, but I can’t wait to find out! PS: People still give me a concerned look when I say that. Why are they concerned about me? I mean, they’re the ones that missed out on a really funny cell phone commercial!  
I really hope that while I’m reading this in the future, I have figured out what I want to do for the rest of my life. I also hope that it’s something I’m very passionate about. I still have yet to understand the societal system we live in. I mean, one year we are asking for permission to go to the washroom and the next, we have to know what we want to do for the rest of our lives? In what world does that make sense?! 

Anyways, whatever I’m doing and wherever I’m at, I just hope I’m happy. 

The 2014 version of Misha

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7 Reasons Why Kim Kardashian is Ruining my Life

I love my iPhone because I love apps — more than that, I love the games. As my love slowly turned into an addiction, my phone’s storage began to fill up and I had to actually *gulps slowly* delete some of them. ‘Difficult’ is not a strong enough word for the pain I felt as I tapped on the x buttons located on the corner of each application. It almost felt like I was losing my own children. As I removed them off my phone, I whispered “I’ll never forget about you and maybe if I get more space on my phone, we can see each other again” I thought the addiction was bad when I spent most of my time playing Flappy Bird when I should have been studying for exams but now, it has gone to the next level.

If you haven’t heard of the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game that’s available in the app store, you are either dead or currently live under a rock and my prayers go out to you. If you have, you know that you originally start off as an E-list star and have to make your way up the ladder to A-list. Along the way, you can date, travel, model in fashion shows, purchase mansions and designer clothes and basically you are able to virtually live the life you have always dreamed of. It’s kind of like a more unrealistic G-rated version of Sims. However, as with anything you love, the more you get to know it (or in this case, the more you play it), you will begin to find more and more flaws that lie beneath it. So, here are 7 flaws of the Kim Kardashian game and why this game is slowly but surely ruining my life.

1. I Wish I Looked Like my Avatar

I never really thought it was possible to be jealous of a cartoon, but it happened. I’m not proud of it, but come on, look at her. She can pull off short hair much better than I ever could and her bone structure is flawless. You probably feel second-hand embarrassment while reading this and I don’t blame you.

2. I Can’t Sleep at Night
Some of the events are 24 hours long and you have to deal with waiting 5 minutes for ONE energy. It takes so long for it to fill up completely and being the impatient person that I am, I have found a method that works for me. I know that this is going to sound insane, but I want to get good ratings on each event I work and so once, twice or maybe five times, I have set my alarm clock to wake me up every two hours in the middle of the night so that I could keep playing this game. I just can’t lose my fans. I CAN’T.

3. There is Nothing Left for me to do But I Have to Keep Playing
I have reached the maximum amount of fans that you are able to get until the next update but if I stop playing now, I’ll lose them. So I have to continue playing even though I get nothing out of it. I mean, I don’t have to, but I have chosen to and I have understood the consequences of that choice.

4. Everyone Keeps Breaking Up With Me (and I have to pay for dates — what?!)
I spend all of my energy on the events I go to so that I am able to further my virtual career and apparently the virtual men in my life cannot seem to handle that. If I don’t call them every 24 hours, they’ll break up with me. We went on two dates and you are breaking up with me? Fine, I didn’t want to date a stage-five clinger anyways! In addition to that, I have to pay for dates and trust me, it gets expensive. By expensive, I mean that sometimes I have to spend $1000 every time we go out. $1000 on a date? Why can’t we ever just split the bill? Why are you so expensive? Why am I even dating you?

5. My Cat is Useless

I spent 20 stars on a cat. If you don’t play the game, just know that a single star is very hard to get, let alone 20. I refuse to spend real money on games and so I save them up hoping to buy something special. And why did I spend so much time saving up for a cat? Because I have an obsession with these furry creatures and it would be impossible for me to live my dream virtual life without one. Duh! Anyways, I thought this cat would follow me around or move in to whatever new home I purchase, but no. It has decided to stay in the empty apartment I purchased when I first started playing the game and on top of that, it does absolutely nothing! It gives me one energy every once in a while but other than that, this thing is useless! Why did I waste all of those stars on this cat?! I could have gotten a new hairstyle!

6. I Can’t Stop Playing — Literally (Or I’ll Lose Fans)
Like I mentioned earlier, I hate how I cannot stop playing this game or I will lose fans. I cannot afford to lose fans when I am so far ahead in this game. When I went to New York for a Conference, I lost one million fans because I couldn’t play for two days. TWO DAYS.

7. I Hate Waiting for Energy
You need energy to do everything — complete tasks, talk to important people, work at the Kardashian store and go on dates. Since you need it for everything, of course they made it so that you have to wait a good 5 years for energy to fill up all the way. I understand that if it filled up quickly, everyone would finish this game in two days, but does it have to take two and a half hours?! What am I even supposed to do during that time? Go outside? Do people still even do that?

That’s just a few of the many reasons I hate this game and yet I still continue to play it. Have you tried playing it and if so, how are you liking it?

PS: I just got twitter for this blog so if you aren’t following me, you should probably get on that. You’ll be updated on my latest posts and you will get to hear every single weird thought that pops into my brain. @mishakhanblog

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