The Perfect Day

A few days ago, I experienced a day I think that will stay in my mind forever. You see, I thought I had a perfect day but after experiencing this one, I realized that nothing could top it. My best friend and I decided to go on a walk at 4am and around 7am, we went to the beach. Sitting there on the rocks by the shore and just watching the waves flow gently, I had a moment of clarity. I lost my worries for that moment as we just sat in silence and took in the beauty that surrounded us. That is what life is about, isn’t it? It’s not about getting the latest technology or wearing the right clothes, or for us girls, talking to a bunch of boys. It’s about appreciating the little details and the beauty of nature that we’re surrounded with each and every day. We’re all so concerned about our daily tasks that we tend to forget about it. We forget to appreciate the simple things. The things that are worth living for.I watched my friend draw in the sand and just moments later, it would be overcome by water and just disappear. But that didn’t stop her. You could see little marks left of what she had created but that was all, and in that moment, I understood life. Memories won’t last forever. Days like this would end. But that mark would always remain there. It would stay with you and it’s up to you whether you want to cherish it, or forget about it.

You can start over and become a new you whenever you please. It doesn’t mean you forget about your past, but it means that you’ve learned to accept it and move on. Who you once were will always stay with you, but it’s your choice whether you want to learn and grow from it, or remain the same.

Are you satisfied with the person you are right now? If not, are you willing to take the chance and change what you don’t like? I’ve learned that as much as you want to be able to, you can’t change another person. You have to accept who they are and what they choose to do with their life. But you can change yourself and become the best you. There’s so many choices that we don’t realize we have to make. We’re carving our path every day but we don’t see the impact that little decisions can make and how they can alter our future. Anyone has the potential to do anything. It’s all about taking the risk. The question is, are you willing to?

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