5 Ways to be Productive When You are Sick

Making my way to the checkout aisle, I began to place my items down. A Kleenex box, five Mars bars, and a season three box set of One Tree Hill later, the woman working at the cash register glanced at me and asked, “Breakup or period?” While taking slight offense to her question, I was hesitant before grabbing the last two items sitting in the back of my cart – Campbell’s cream of broccoli soup and a box of Kotex tampons. No words needed to be spoken. We simply exchanged looks once again and a slight smirk appeared on her face as if she felt some sense of accomplishment. I laughed on the inside thinking about how this woman must be giving herself too much credit for her “detective-like skills” for assuming something so blatantly obvious.

Okay, the truth is that that all was a lie, however, it is that time of month for me. This usually calls for being zero percent productive with my life for an entire week and using my female problems as an excuse for it. I do have an extra excuse however, and that is whenever it is my time of the month, my body decides that I also need to have the symptoms of a cold to make my life that much better. Hoorary! Now, it’s not just any cold, but it is one that has definite steps until I know I will reach recovery:

Step One – The Sneeze Attack: This is always on Day One where I will wake up early in the morning and sneeze excessively all day long. By ‘excessively’ I mean that I will go through a minimum of 13 Kleenex boxes throughout the period of 15-16 hours, and yes, I have in-fact counted. The sneezing will usually begin around the time of 7-8am and end around 10-11pm. You think this is torture? Oh, just you wait.

Step Two – The Droughty Throat: Day Two usually consists of having no sense of taste whatsoever and being forced to consume honey and other distasteful liquids to heal my dry, achy breaky throat. Because that is not even close to the extent of suffering that my body can handle, a side symptom will usually involve a runny nose, headache, nausea, or if it’s a really good day, all of the above!

Step Three – Recovery Day: The morning will consist of every single one of the traumatizing symptoms from the past two days but fortunately, they usually begin to wear out by the evening. At that hour, I will take what I presume to be a nap, but I secretly know that I will be waking up when the sun rises the next morning.

And that my friends is my three days of excruciating pain that I fear every single month. Although I am in bad condition, I usually try my best to be as productive as I can be during those three days. Well, at least my version of productive. So naturally, my first instinct would be to share a few tips with all of you lovely readers.

1. Run a Marathon
If you read my previous post, you might be a little confused knowing that I in-fact do not run. So, let me go ahead and clear that up for you! By ‘run a marathon’, I am actually referring to the act of consistently watching one episode after another of your favourite TV show on Netflix. In my mind, this is productivity at its finest.

2. Binge Eat

Now that you have all this time to do nothing, why not spend it on regular trips to your refrigerator? My choices usually include anything from Sour Cream and Onion chips and ranch dip to three bags of buttery popcorn. Yummy!
< b>3. Repeatedly Take 3-4 Hour Naps

I can tell you from experience that the day goes by much faster when you sleep through it. Another bonus is that you cannot experience any symptoms when you are in deep sleep. It’s a win-win!

4. Rule Social Media 

When you are not in the greatest shape, the best feeling comes from being able to constantly complain about it and what better way to do so than on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? You can reach a wider audience, people will sympathize with your pain and you can finally feel loved again. 

5. Lie on the Floor in Fetal Position

Yes, you did read that heading correctly. It is always exciting to be dramatic and if you are a drama major, in a theater program, or simply an over-dramatic individual, you can even use this as acting experience! Sometimes, you can even get people to do things for you such as bringing you food, letting you choose the television channel you want to watch for once, or if you are lucky, they might even buy you expensive materialistic products that you will most likely throw away in the next few months for the more updated version that comes out. 

On that note, hopefully I will be well enough to write a somewhat meaningful post soon, but if not, you know why! 

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Her Campus National Intercollegiette Conference 2014

Originally posted on Her Campus Queens

My love affair with New York City began before I had ever traveled there. I had always thought of it as this magical place where people with dreams reside and in the midst of all the noise and commotion of the city, it’s a place where all of those dreams have a chance of coming true. The first time I went to New York was last year with my family and I spent most of my time there observing all of my surroundings, taking pictures in my mind (and also at the time, my poor quality camera phone) to capture the beauty of it all in motion right there in front of me. This year was completely different.

I attended the Her Campus Intercollegiette Conference on Saturday July 12 and Sunday July 13. As excited as I was, I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high for an amazing trip for the slight chance that I may become disappointed with the result. But of course, I was wrong to even consider the possibility of something going wrong (other than getting lost in the subway multiple times) because it was beyond what I could ever imagine.

I attended the conference with a fellow Her Campus writer from my chapter (she’s on the right) and we decided to make a weekend out of this trip, neither of us with the slightest idea of what to expect of it.

The moment we stepped on the campus of Columbia University, I knew that whatever came next would be worth it — and if it wasn’t, we could just spend the rest of the time taking pictures #nofilter.


Anyways, when we finally got inside for registration, they handed us these adorable name-tags and a completely packed goody bag. And when I say packed, I mean overflowing with free stuff and everyone who knows anything about me knows how much I love free stuff! After grabbing some breakfast, we all took a seat for an introduction and the first keynote speaker. While munching away my delicious blueberry flavoured Luna bar, I took the time to look around the room at everyone who was just as eager as I was for this opportunity. I realized that I was surrounded by people with goals and dreams, those of which were similar to mine, and we had all come together in this magical city to try and make something out of them. There was something we all could take out of this conference and the greatest feeling was that we were all in this together.

The most memorable person I had met would probably be Emma Barker, Cosmopolitan’s Sex and Relationships Editor. Typically, I thought I would get a chance to meet her after watching her seminar, however, the lineup was far too long and I decided that I would talk to her near the end of the conference during the networking reception. Well, that is not exactly how it happened. My friend and I decided that during the lunch hour, we should take pictures around the campus after we eat. It made sense at the time, but come to think of it, it was probably not the best idea to take pictures the moment after we stuffed our faces with Chipotle. Of course in that moment, our excitement overpowered the functioning of our brains. After countless photo-shoot sessions and attempting to pose in every stance possible, we realized we had five minutes to get back into the conference to listen to the next speaker. While speed-walking in heels, I abruptly came to stop after noticing that I had just seen Emma Barker walk past me. I didn’t exactly know what move to make next and so I did what any rational human being would do — I yelled her name and began to run towards her. Now, please note that I am in no way a runner. I do not understand people who run or how they do it consistently and for longer than a period of two minutes. The only reason that I would ever run is if a murderer is chasing me and also I guess to meet Emma Barker. Not only did I run, but I did it in my heels. Don’t worry, the pain caught up to me moments after but I do not regret it at all. Anyhow, I realized that when I finally caught up to her, I had no idea what to say. I may have even forgotten how to speak in English for a moment. However, even though I stuttered my way through every word, she was such a kind person and still somehow managed to hold a conversation with me. Afterwards I felt a mix between a sense of accomplishment and complete embarrassment. It was fantastic.

Overall, I learned so much about different aspects of not only writing, but the whole magazine world. The marketing aspects, the photography, the digital vs print, and how it is difficult to get in the industry but it isn’t impossible. But if you think about it, struggle comes along with every part of your life so you might as well put everything into what you love and make the struggle worth it. Like I said, it was the perfect weekend and I definitely plan to go again next year!

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It Gets Better

I constantly tell myself that when things are at their worst, they can only get better. The problem was that for the first half of my summer, it felt as though that when I was at my worst, life just had a tiny smirk on its face and giggled as it thought, oh you don’t even know what’s coming next for ya. Bad is an understatement of how I felt. I was depressed and lost — more so than I have ever been before. The greatest fear of mine is the unknown and considering that life is unexpected, I’m afraid most of the time. I had gotten back to the state where my appetite was lost, I was lethargic and forgot what it felt like to not be in a constant state of stress. My family felt broken, I couldn’t find a job, I learned that my thought process had changed and didn’t fit with those of my friends and I stopped writing for a while.

But then, when I gave up any hope that may have been left inside of me, I finally reached a point where things began to get better all at once. It’s funny the way life works because when you’re waiting for something good to happen, it seems to be taking its dear sweet time but just when you get to the point where you begin to get comfortable with your unhappiness, something changes. I find that this usually doesn’t happen to me, especially since it wasn’t just one good thing, it was like everything started to turn around and instead of being happy and appreciating it for what it was, I became more stressed and afraid. I felt as though I was just waiting for it to go downhill again. I thought I didn’t deserve this sort of happiness and I didn’t want to feel it because I didn’t want to get too comfortable in it.

I guess what I’ve learned so far this summer is that there are ups and downs in life and even though things are still going well at this moment, they won’t always be. And, although I’m still learning how to adjust to all of these changes, I’m starting to learn more and more about myself in the process. I realized that even though my life has never been easy growing up, it has still made me who I am today and I would never want to change a single day of my past if it meant changing a part of who I have come to be. It’s cheesy, I know. It’s something you hear people say all the time but I never truly understood it until now. This feeling of happiness right now would not be the same if I hadn’t gone through such a hard time before reaching it. It’s all about appreciating things when they are going well and trying your best to fight through them when they are not. I’m still learning about myself and how to deal with problems and I don’t think that this kind of learning will ever end because there is always a new experience or situation that comes by where you have no idea what you’re supposed to do. Fighting the battle is the hard part, but once we make it through, I can actually tell you from experience that it does get better. That, I can promise you.

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